Corfu island

Corfu is an island on the north west side of Greece. You will find this a most enchanting place, densely covered in Olive groves and cypresses trees, whilst fringed by sandy beaches with shingle coves.

The capital of corfu is place steeped in history and culture due to the heavy influence of the Venetians who for centuries controlled the island. But Corfu town has seen other influences as well including the British, the Normans, the French, and the Greeks and Romans whose ancient buildings are still in evidence in several archaeology sites and the excellent archaeological museum.

There are plenty of places to go shopping in Corfu town with Quirky shops selling gold and leather goods, wild honey and fig cakes in the alleyways off the Liston, while New Town is home to cosmopolitan boutiques. Drink in the aromas and colours of the market, piled high with olives and oranges. Shopaholic heaven.

The island is surrounded with beautiful beaches that suit everyones taste, there are long sandy comercial beaches and if you desire a bit more privacy, there are small coves that are secluded and with a bit of luck you could find yourselves alone on a romantic beach.

There are many traditional tavernas in the villages serving great greek food and it is recomended that you enjoy a meal with a delicious glass of a greek wine while watching the beautiful Corfu sunset ...

And if you fancy leaving the coast and travelling a bit inland you can see some graphic villages that have been untouched by tourism and commercialism.