Corfu Town

The old town represents special place you can not miss to visit during your holiday on Corfu island.
Romantic, fashionable and mysterious are the three best adjectives to describe it.

Romantic with its small lovely streets between high buildings, its paved squares and its old Venetian walls that in the evening light will impress you with an ancient time fashion.

Fashionable with hundreds of tourists who walk up and down and with many elegant pubs along the Liston, the marvellous gallery in front of Esplanade.

Mysterious, as you feel lost in thousand of streets between ancient houses….and much more mysterious when you will visit the two monumental Venetian Fortresses.

Discover the old town of Corfù means jump into and start strolling through traditional shops and fall in love with the smell of food that comes out from local restaurants.
Unlike the rest of the island, the old Corfù town is not something you will discover little by little.
At your first visit you will immediately love its picturesque places, its wonderful people and its particular elegance.
It will be unforgettable to have a walk in the old town under a blue sky where thousand of swallows are flying.